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Frequently asked questions

General questions

What is zamics?

zamics is the simplest system for efficient organizing all the equipment on your job sites.

– More information in the FAQ video (YouTube)

How does zamics work?

The zamics system is composed of a hardware and a software component.

For digital identification, robust transponders (alternatively a QR code/BLE) are attached to your devices.

With the help of the easy-to-use app, your devices are scanned. In addition, all information about the equipment can be retrieved.
Our desktop view gives you a full overview of all your machines at all locations.

– More information in the FAQ video (YouTube)

Can I try zamics?

Of course you can test zamics. This works best with our starter box. We will provide you with these free of charge with a selection of our transponders and QR codes to identify your equipment. In addition, the starter box contains simple instructions and your personal access code to the zamics system.

With the starter box you have unlimited access to the zamics software from now on. This way you can try out without obligation how our system fits to the organization of your equipment and your workflows.
The test phase is unlimited. You have enough time to try everything at your leisure. All data you create in the system can be easily transferred to the Pro version after an upgrade. So they are not lost.

What does zamics cost?

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You will receive the starter box from us free of charge -including a selection of our transponders and QR codes to identify your devices as well as access to the software with unlimited duration and unlimited number of users.

If you are convinced by our solution, you can switch to our paid model. The price of the software is always based on the number of devices you manage. An unlimited number of users can access the web interface and the zamics app for iOS and Android.

Our starter package starts at 95€/month net and offers the possibility to manage up to 100 work tools. Larger packages include a volume scale. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our packages.

You can easily obtain the transponders via our website. Depending on the sales volume, the costs average €2.99 net per NFC transponder.

However, you can also use your own transponders.

For more information, please see our price overview.

– More information in the FAQ video (YouTube)

How can I acquire zamics?

You can call us or fill in the inquiry form on our website.

What requirements must my cell phone fulfill?

zamics can be used on all devices running iOS or Android operating systems. The smartphones must also be NFC-enabled or equipped with an NFC chip. For example, all smartphones with Android from version 4.0 and all Apple smartphones from iPhone 6 have this as standard. Just look in the settings of your phone for the NFC function and activate it.

– More information in the FAQ video (YouTube)

Does zamics work without internet access?

zamics relies on all data in the system always being up-to-date. Therefore, an active Internet connection is required for use. This can be established via WLAN as well as via the smartphone’s mobile data.

What can I do if I have a problem with zamics?

You can contact us at any time by phone as well as by e-mail. As a rule, you will receive the personal support you need on the same day or the following day at the latest.

This is how you can reach us:

phone: 0800 / 554 257 322

Questions about the identification of work equipment via transponders or QR codes

How is the work equipment digitally recorded and mapped in the zamics system?

The identification of the working equipment works via Bluetooth or NFC transponders and as a further option via QR codes.

– More information in the FAQ video (YouTube)

How do the NFC transponders work?

Each work equipment is provided with a robust NFC transponder, which is glued, tethered or e.g. screwed to the device. The transponder can be read out with the zamics app. In this way, the user can see all the stored information about the linked equipment at a glance at any time and can manage it up to date. For example, you can change the location, assign it to people, put the equipment in repair and much more.

How do the Bluetooth transponders work?

Bluetooth is an active solution where the transponders send their own signal. Therefore, the machines do not have to be recorded manually. In some cases, antennas are also used to provide a further range for detecting the transponders or receivers. Bluetooth transponders are the most stable, but also the most expensive solution.

Do I have to choose between NFC or Bluetooth transponders?

no. You can operate both NFC and Bluetooth transponders and manage them in the zamics APP. Or even work with QR codes to capture your equipment. We can discuss which standard suits you personally in your individual application. We will be happy to help you with the selection.

How does the identification of my devices via QR codes work?

QR codes work in the same way as NFC transponders, except that they are printed on an adhesive film. While QR codes have the advantage that they are inexpensive and can be easily replaced when they wear out. However, unlike NFC transponders, they are much less resilient.

Solution questions & functions

How many implements can you create?

In principle, as many equipment as required can be recorded.

In the free trial version you can create up to 25 work tools. After that, there are scales ranging from the entry-level package through, XS, S, M, L and XL to an Enterprise package. Feel free to contact us, we will find the right solution together.

For more information, please see our price overview.

Can operating hours also be recorded?

Not at the moment. However, since we know from experience that this is of interest to many companies in the market, we are working flat out to integrate it into the zamics system.

Can I see the exact location of my machine?

You can see at which location your equipment was checked in. With NFC, the data is based on the manual process of recording your employees. With Bluetooth, this process is automatic. Locating with meter accuracy is not possible in either case. However, we know that this is very relevant for many companies, for example due to theft protection. That is why we are working on a suitable solution.

– More information in the FAQ video (YouTube)

Can consumer goods (C goods) be recorded in the zamics system?

Currently, all equipment can be recorded with its own serial number. In addition, we are working on a solution that will also allow small devices without their own serial number and without their own transponder to be recorded. In the future, you can then create 20 screwdrivers, for example, in a separate pool and manage it.

Can machines be grouped together?

Not at the moment. But the topic is very important to us. That is why we are currently working on a solution. The aim is, for example, to be able to assign the attachments to a equipment or to map the equipment in a container or vehicle. This should be possible by fall 2022.

How does zamics help me keep track of testing dates?

In the zamics overview, all test dates are prominently and clearly displayed. In addition, the status is marked in color – missed appointments, for example, are clearly highlighted in red. In addition, you will receive monthly reminders of all upcoming appointments by mail.

Can I export data from zamics?

Yes. We offer import and export of data as CSV file. This is possible for both employees and equipment.

Questions about the starter box

How long do I have access to the software with the starterbox?

The duration of use of the starter package and the zamics software is not limited in time.

Will my data be lost if I switch from the Starterbox to the Pro Version?

no. You have access to all data from the starterbox in the Pro version.

Where are the zamics servers located?

Our servers are located exclusively in Germany (AWS in Frankfurt) and are accordingly also subject to the strict requirements of the DSGVO.

– More information in the FAQ video (YouTube)

Does an open API exist?

Yes. zamics has an open API on. Data generated in zamics can thus also be integrated into other software solutions. Please contact us for further technical information.